Keep Your Garage Door Working This Winter

Your garage door is one of the most hardest working doors in your home or business, and when the weather gets cold, it has to work even harder. But let’s face it, the last thing you need when the temps are freezing outside is a garage door that won’t open or close.

Below are helpful tips from the team at All Island Garage Door to help your garage door stay working top notch during the winter months.

  • Make sure all the garage doors are properly lubricated. Use a lubricant spray to avoid leakage on your car or garage floor.
  • Tighten loose bolts on the track.  Your garage door can open and close several times a day. Normal wear-and-tear can cause bolts on the track to become loose. Make sure they’re all tightened to ensure the door keeps working properly when the weather turns cold.
  • Keep it clean. Make sure the tracks of the garage door are free from debris
  • Keep it warm. If you have a rubber seal strip on the bottom of your garage door, make sure it is free from cracks. And also check to make sure any garage door windows aren’t cracked and are properly sealed and insulated. This is especially important if your garage door attaches to your home.
  • Check the cables and the rollers. Worn rollers should be replaced before or during winter. And high tension cables should be working properly. Make sure there are no broken strands near the roller. If you see any, give the team at All Island Garage Door a call. Never try to fix cables yourself.
  • Listen up. If you hear any scraping or high-pitched noises when you open or close your garage door, give us a call. Your door should work quietly, and unusual noises may indicate a problem.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. All Island Garage Door can help you stay safe and warm this season by helping you with all your garage door and garage door opener needs. We offer high quality work at a great price, so you can spend the money you save on that beach vacation you deserve.