Clopay’s Top Residential Trends for 2023

Clopay Garage Doors recently shared their top residential trends for 2023 – from fusing the indoors with the outdoors, to gorgeous color blocking, to high performing faux wood garage doors. Take a look at what’s in high demand by homeowners below.

Trend #1 Indoor/Outdoor Connections

Floor to ceiling windows and doors that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living and flood spaces with natural light are a priority for homeowners. After spending so much time there, homeowners view their house not only as a place of work/life balance but their overall well-being.

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Trend #2 Color Blocking 

Many homeowners are now choosing more colorful palettes leaving sellers looking for easy and affordable ways to update their home’s curb appeal.

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Trend #3 High Performing Faux Doors  

Faux wood garage doors are made using durable, weather-resistant materials. Couple that with strength, sustainability and realistic texture, and homeowners can design exteriors that don’t sacrifice function for aesthetics.

Steel garage doors with a woodgrain paint finish and composite doors are easier to maintain than wood, will perform better and will last longer.

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Three amazing garage transformations

No day is the same for the team at All Island Garage Door, and we love it! Recently, we completed three projects that transformed garage space into something really special – from a yoga studio and workout room, to a gorgeous pool house, to a garage fit for priceless, vintage cars. It’s amazing what beautiful, high-quality garage doors can do.

Yoga space & workout room 

All Island technicians installed Clopay Coachman garage doors at a home in Southampton for a spacious, relaxing yoga and workout space. We also installed a pair of LiftMaster garage door openers, too.

Stunning pool house 

Our Shelter Island customers wanted to elevate their pool house into something stunning and Clopay’s Avante garage doors with clear glass and a black frame did just that. What an easy way to transform a plain, ordinary pool house into something special.

A garage for a car collector 

We installed a pair of Canyon Ridge, four layer garage doors painted with color blast in SW Racoon Fur, as well as an Avante garage door with a white aluminum frame and clear insulated garage doors for a car collector in East Hampton. We completed the job with four LiftMaster garage door openers.


Clopay’s Extira Doors

Black Extira Door

Looking for a beautiful wood-look garage door that’s eco-friendly and also easy to customize? We have a few suggestions for you — including Clopay’s Extira garage doors. This Clopay line is a popular choice for both builders and homeowners who want a garage door that’s crafted from durable materials that look like wood.

Extira doors work great in homes that have unique size requirements. They’re also moisture, rot and termite resistant. Add to that sustainability and a completely smooth finish and you can see why these doors are so popular.

Take a look at this article by Clopay to learn more!


Winter Maintenance for Your Garage Door Opener  

The last thing you want to deal with come wintertime is a garage door that won’t open and close. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your garage door opener is up to the challenge before the colder temps arrive.

From depleted batteries to a garage door that won’t open due to ice and snow, winter in Long Island can be a challenging season for your garage door and opener. Before they start working overtime during winter, use our checklist below to make sure your garage door opener is up to the test.

Lubricate. One of the most important steps to making sure your garage door opener is ready for winter involves lubricating the garage door’s hinges and rollers. This is critical so that the garage door opener will operate smoothly. You can pick up a spray or other light lubricant at your neighborhood home improvement store.

Check the backup system. In the event of a winter storm, you’ll want to make sure your garage door opener back-up system is working properly. If it is, you’ll be able to open and close your garage door via the remote or touch pad even if the power goes out.

You’ll find details on how to test the back-up system in your garage door opener’s manual. For most, you can unplug the garage door opener from the outlet and test it to see if it still works with the remote.

Replace light bulbs. Not only should you replace the light bulbs in the garage before the cold weather sets in, you should go ahead and replace the garage door opener bulbs as well. Although most bulbs last about 10,000 hours, we recommend erring on the side of caution even if you think you’ve got a little ways to go before the bulbs stop working. You don’t want to be left in the dark in the garage on a cold winter night.

Replace the remote batteries. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your garage door opener ready for winter is by replacing the batteries in the remote. Ideally, these should be replaced every two years or so, but bear in mind that cold weather will drain all batteries quicker.

A couple ways to tell if the batteries in the opener’s remote need to be replaced is by looking to see if a low battery light is on (if your model includes this feature) and by observing how quick the remote is to work. If it takes a few presses on the button to open the garage door, you probably need to replace the batteries.

Check the garage door. You’re going to want to make sure the garage door fits well in the frame and that there aren’t any gaps on the ground where snow and freezing water can get in. Should ice and snow get into the garage, particularly where it opens, it can cause the garage door to freeze shut and your garage door opener won’t work.

Be prepared. In the event that your garage door opener won’t work in the winter, be prepared. Have a broom and a shovel within easy access so you can clear snow and ice from the garage door. And for car safety during winter, have a pair of jumper cables or a power jump starter in your car, as well as a heavy blanket.

Still not sure if your garage door opener is ready for winter? Give the team at All Island Garage Doors a call. We can do a complete check so that it’s up to the test and ready for the colder months ahead.

Your easy fall garage door maintenance checklist

It’s getting cooler outside, and you know that that means (or at least what we’re going to say!)… it’s time to check your garage door and make sure it’s ready for the weather ahead. This season, we’ve kept the list simple, but what’s on the list is important. Trust us, you don’t want to deal with a garage door repair during the busy holiday season or when it’s bitter cold outside.

Take a look at the list below to ensure garage door is ready for winter.

Garage Door Replacement. If you’ve been planning on investing in a new garage door for your home this year, now is the perfect time. There are a myriad of benefits to replacing your garage door in the fall – from better energy efficiency to increase security to not having to worry about costly repairs.

Garage Door Springs. You’ll want to check your garage door springs now to make sure they’re working properly. Try pulling your garage door’s release handle when the door is down completely. Then, lift it part of the way up and let it go down on its own. If it comes down quickly you may need your garage door springs adjusted or replaced.

Also check that your garage door springs are lubricated. Sometimes, especially in older garage doors, the lubrication can dry up or harden which can cause your garage door springs to not work optimally.

Check the seal. The bottom of your garage door should seal to the ground. This is essential to keep drafts out of the garage – as well as any pesky critters! If there’s room between your garage door and the ground, it may be time to replace your garage door or the garage door seal.

Replace the rollers. We recommend replacing your garage door’s rollers every five years, and they should be checked at least once every year. If you haven’t done this yet, make sure to do so before the weather gets cold. Look for worn, cracked or chipped rollers. If you see any, give us a call to have them replaced.

Clean the garage door. If your garage doors are fiberglass, you can wash them down with a good all-purpose cleaner. If your garage doors are made from wood, take a look to make sure there are no warped or water damaged areas, especially if your wood garage doors are older.

It doesn’t take long to complete these fall garage door maintenance items, but it can really save time and money in the long run. We’re happy to check your garage door, too. Just give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our experienced technicians at your convenience.


Ask All Island: Why should I buy my garage door from a local company?

Great question! While it may be tempting to buy your garage door from a big box store, it’s usually not a good idea. Sure, you can complete your purchase with a click of a button, but we recommend saving your online splurges for things like dream vacations and holiday gifts. Purchase your garage door from a local garage door dealer instead.

Here’s our top five reasons why:

Exceptional customer service. At All Island Garage door, we are on a first name basis with our customers. From the first call to the installation to regular maintenance appointments, our team and technicians are dedicated to providing excellent care of your garage door from day one. You simply won’t get that from a big box store.

Emergency garage door service. You shouldn’t have to wait when you have a garage door emergency. That’s why we offer emergency service and repair for our customers. Big stores simply don’t have the capacity nor the knowledge to provide this to their customers. So, if you have a garage door emergency if you’ve bought your door from a national store, you’re apt to be out of luck.

Design know how. The team at All Island works with architects, builders and owners of homes of all kinds of styles. We can offer advice on what garage door styles will look great on your home because we have a deep understanding and appreciation of Long Island home design.

Excellent garage door selection. All Island Garage Door carries the full line of Clopay garage doors, but we can order any garage door, from any garage door maker. In fact, we once imported mahogany garage doors from Africa for a customer!

Commitment to our community. We care about our community, and that goes for our fellow local businesses, too. Investing in a garage door from All Island means investing in your neighbors. You’re helping keep jobs here on Long Island, and helping keep the local economy strong.

Ready for a new garage door? Give the team at All Island a call.



Adding a garage to a 120-year-old farmhouse

How gorgeous is this? Many of us dream of living in an old farmhouse, full of history, where every creaking floor board tells a story, the ceiling and windows are sky high to let in light, and the craftsmanship is stellar.

We’re lucky to be on Long Island, where farmhouses and older homes can be found all over — not to mention new homes that evoke the farmhouse style.

But just what do you do when it comes time to replace the garage? After all, older homes have a wonderful aesthetic but if they’re older, you’ll need to make updates for both comfort and security.

Luckily, Clopay has it covered. Just take a look at this fantastic article (at least check out the photos!) to see how a couple in Minnesota added a garage to their 120 year old farmhouse.

And if you love the farmhouse style as much as we do, let us know. We can help bring it to your home, too.

Photo courtesy of Clopay.

Ask All Island: Can this heat affect my garage door?

We’ve been getting this question quite a bit this summer, since this summer has been such a scorcher here in Long Island, and our answer might surprise you. Yes, hot temps can in fact wreak havoc on your garage door.

One of the most common areas of the garage heat can affect is your garage door opener’s photo eye. When the sun gets bright, the glare can get in the way of your garage door opener’s photo eye, and that can cause the door to fail to open or close when you need it to. Additionally, the hot weather can cause your garage door opener remote to malfunction.

Then there’s the issue of thunderstorms that can get particularly strong in the summertime, especially closer to the ocean. Hail and wind can damage your garage door, and storms can also lead to a power outage or power surge that could cause the power in your garage to go out. To avoid this, we recommend using a single plug surge protector.

Humidity can also affect your garage door in the summertime. When there’s more moisture in the air than usual, it can cause garage doors to stick. We recommend lubricating your garage door parts once a month to help avoid this conundrum.

Warm summer weather can also cause wood garage doors to warp over time and the sun can fade garage door color, too. Cleaning and waxing your garage door can help counter fading, as can applying a fresh coat of paint to spruce up the color.

Once of the best ways to protect your garage door in the summer months is to schedule a check up with a technician from All Island before the summer gets into full swing. We can do a thorough check of both your garage door remote and garage door parts to make sure your garage door can stand the heat.