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A reinforced garage door is the best way to prevent high winds from entering your home.

Hurricane Damaged House

The air pressure inside the garage after the door was ripped out of the opening caused the roof to blow out.

Clopay WindCode® garage doors have built-in reinforcement. No additional posts or pins are required. Owners simply have to lock the door to secure it.

Struts on Clopay Garage Door

Clopay WindCode garage doors have t-struts for reinforcement on the inside of the door.


If your house has weathered a previous hurricane, it’s important to have your garage door checked to make sure none of the moving parts were damaged or weakened.


If you are shopping for a hurricane-rated garage door, whether building a new house or just looking to improve its curb appeal, there are a number of new styles and materials to consider.

2x4 Lumber Test of Impact Resistance on Garage Door

Inside Clopay’s test chamber, where a 9 lb. 2” x 4” is shot out of a canon at impact-resistant windows. Impact-rated windows can withstand 350 foot-pounds of impact energy.

First, a reinforced garage door doesn’t have to look like a wall of steel. With impact resistant windows, you can add both a decorative touch to the door and natural light in the garage.

Southern Living Idea Home

The exact style you’re able to install will depend on where you live and your local building code requirements. For instance in Florida, the WindCode® rating will decrease as you move farther inland from the shoreline.

Clopay has the largest number of residential garage door models with Florida product approvals and Miami Dade County notices of acceptance.

Canyon Ridge Garage Door

Clopay Canyon Ridge (5-Layer) carriage house garage doors with built-in WindCode reinforcement. The doors look like real wood but are actually composite.

If you live along the coast, faux wood garage doors are a popular option as they mimic the look of natural wood but are moisture-resistant and won’t warp, rot or crack in the elements.

From a carriage house design to Clopay’s Modern Steel door — which is approved for use in Miami Dade County in South Florida — the options are abundant when it comes to selecting a stylish reinforced garage door.

Modern Steel Grooved Garage Door in Black Finish

Clopay Modern Steel garage door with windows down one side.


Take a look at our latest garage door projects!

We’ve been busy here at All Island Garage Door! Our team of technicians have been out and about all over Long Island installing new garage doors in a variety of styles.

Take a look at some of our most recent jobs – from new doors on a 20th century barn to gorgeous modern garage doors.

We installed three gorgeous Clopay Modern Steel Series garage doors in an ultra-grain walnut finish with frosted insulate in a home in Brookville.

On a hot day, we helped convert this early 20th century barn into a garage space. Our professional technicians reframed and installed two Clopay Coachman Garage Doors in sandstone and white (and LiftMaster electric garage door openers, too!)

Check out this pop of color! We installed these Clopay Coachmen garage doors with Sherman William’s Color Blast paint in Leisure Blue on a home in East Hampton.

We added five Clopay Coachmen garage doors to this old barn in Old Field, East Setauket. Here’s a close-up of two of them so you can see the detail. Between the new garage doors, LiftMaster WiFi garage door openers and solar panels this barn is ready for the 21st century!

Here’s a Before & After featuring gorgeous Clopay Avante garage doors. Look how much these garage doors transformed the look of this home in Wainscott.



Take a look at our garage doors by Clopay!

All Island Garage Doors is proud to carry the full line of Clopay garage doors. For decades, Clopay has been a leader in making residential and commercial garage doors that are as beautiful as they are durable and efficient.

No matter what type of home you own, or your budget, the team at All Island can help you choose a stunning garage door by Clopay that’s sure to elevate the look of your home.

Need inspiration? Take a look at our gallery to see homes across Long Island with Clopay Garage Doors. And be sure to check out Clopay’s LookBook!

The Avante Collection

The Canyon Ridge Modern Collection

The Classic Collection










The Coachman Collection

The Grand Harbor Collection

The Reserve Wood Collection

The Reserve Modern Collection

The Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Series Collection

The Gallery Series Collection

The Classic Wood Collection

The Modern Steel Collection

The Bridgeport Collection


Tips on getting your garage ready when selling your home

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, don’t forget about your garage. Investing just a little time, elbow grease and money can increase the value of your home and help it sell faster. In fact, it’s been  proven  that a replacement garage door is one of the best — and easiest — ways to increase your ROI.

Before you jump into this seller’s market and put your house up for sale, take a look at our tips below on how to get your garage door ready.

Replace the garage door. If your garage door is older, or if doesn’t elevate the look of your home, consider buying a new one. Clopay has a myriad of different collections designed to compliment a variety of homes. If yours is contemporary, take a look at their Avante and Modern Steel collections.

On a budget? Many of Clopay’s styles are very affordable. We especially love the Grand Harbor collection that features carriage house doors that you can customize.

Need inspiration? View our gallery and see homes across Long Island with new garage doors from All Island    

Paint the walls and floor. If the walls and floor of your garage are dirty and stained, spend a day painting them. Read our article with tips on how to do this properly. Or, just remember to use the proper paint type on your walls and floors. And remember: painting the walls a light color will make the garage seem larger!

Remove the clutter. In fact, go ahead and remove anything in the garage you aren’t using. Either move the items to storage or resell them on a place like Facebook Marketplace or take to a thrift store. Buyers want to be able to envision their belongings in the space they’re considering buying. Help them by removing yours from the garage.

Clean. clean, clean. Consider renting a power washer or hiring someone to power wash your garage’s floors and exterior. And don’t forget about the driveway. Thoroughly wash the it with soap and water and for stubborn stains, apply a baking soda paste.

Make it multipurpose. In New York, living space is at a premium. To attract potential buyers, consider making a section of the garage extra living space. From a home gym to a study, your garage just may be able to be used for something more than storing your car. Take a look at our ideas!

Your garage is an important part of your home. Don’t forget about it when you’re ready to sell it! Get it ready with a new garage door or garage door maintenance from All Island Garage Door.



Announcing Bridgeport Garage Doors by Clopay

All Island Garage Doors is proud to carry Bridgeport Garage Doors, Clopay’s latest collection of residential garage doors.

These recessed panel insulated shaker style doors are stunning, and they look great on a variety of styles of homes. Like all Clopay garage doors, Bridgeport doors can be customized to truly elevate the look of your home.

Bridgeport combines the traditional symmetry of wood stile and rail door designs with the proven durability and energy efficiency of three-layer steel Intellicore® construction. These doors provide two distinct recessed panel designs, providing new design options for homeowners.

Want to learn more about Bridgeport garage doors? Give the team at All Island Garage Door a call.


Get Your Garage Ready for Spring

garage cleaningThe weather is heating up just a bit and daffodils are starting to peek out of the ground. That can only mean one thing: spring is on the way.

This year, get your garage and garage door ready for the warmer months early so you have more time to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends.

Below are four easy ways to get your garage ready for spring

Clean and Organize. Take a weekend day, go through your garage, and toss out anything you no longer need. This is also a great time to install shelving or cabinets to store items in the garage. You’ll also want to clean your garage thoroughly in early spring, as it can get pretty dirty with salt and dirt during the winter months.

How to organize your garage door 

Consider a new garage door. Spring is all about new beginnings, making it a perfect time of the year invest in a new garage door. If your tastes lean clean and contemporary, take a look at Clopay’s Avante and Modern Steel Doors. Like traditional garage doors? Consider Clopay’s Carriage House style garage doors.

Storage tips for your garage

Add more living space. Why not make an area of your garage a space for more living? With the garage door open, you’ll have plenty of fresh air and room to socialize with friends while staying safe. Start by cleaning and possibly painting your garage walls or floors, then use your imagination to create living space. The garage is a great place for a home gym or playroom for the kids.

How to add living space to your garage 

Schedule garage door maintenance. Garage door springs, pulleys and other parts need to be maintained by a garage door professional on a regular basis. Be sure to schedule spring garage door maintenance with an All Island Garage Door professional before spring gets underway.


New Year’s Resolutions: Garage Improvement Edition

Happy New Year! We hope it’s filled with time with friends and family, new adventures and lots of home improvement projects. If last year taught us anything, its that home is where the heart is. And if you’re going to be sprucing up your home this year, don’t forget about your garage.

simple illustration of a car inside the garage

Below are five very easy (yet important) new year’s resolutions for your garage. In honor of 2020, we decided to keep the list short, simple and stress-free.

Here’s our list of five simple things you can do in 2021 for your garage.

Replace your garage door. Installing new garage doors is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost curb appeal and add value to your home. And it can even save you a little money down the road, as you won’t have to worry about garage door repairs.

We carry the full line of Clopay garage doors, and we’re confident we have the perfect one for your budget and your aesthetic.

Take a look at our residential garage doors and our gallery. Then, when you’ve got a couple of garage door styles in mind, use the Design Your Door tool to “try it on.”

Schedule routine maintenance. This is one the most important things you can do for your garage door. Once a year garage door (and garage door opener) maintenance is a critical component to making your garage door last for years and years.

Our technicians have extensive experience and can thoroughly inspect and address any issues quickly, so your garage door continues to operate safely and properly. If it’s in need of a repair or replacement part, we’ll give you a thorough, accurate estimate and do the work promptly.

Organize your garage. There’s nothing wrong with storing items every which way in the garage. But  with a little organizing, especially with the addition of extra storage, you may find you have even more room available.

Storage Tips for Your Garage 

Clean it out. Set a date (when the weather warms up, of course), take a cue from Nike and “just do it.”

We suggest having a plan in place for what you’ll do with everything you don’t want before you clean, so make sure you have bags and boxes for the items you want to take to the thrift store and online accounts set up if you’re selling the items on sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

Make it multipurpose. The coronavirus pandemic really changed the way we work. If you’re working from home now on a regular basis, consider adding an office area to the garage, or a workout or playroom. It’s easier than you may think – and can be done on a budget.

How to Transform Your Garage Into Extra Living Space

From all of us at All Island Garage – Happy 2021! And remember: we’re here to help you with all your garage door needs.


How to help Long Island businesses this holiday season

From the team at All Island:

This holiday season, we are incredibly grateful to be a part of a community that supports each other through and through. And in spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d update the article we shared in March, as local businesses still need our support.  

Here are five ways to support Long Island businesses during the holidays:

Shop local. Make a list of all of your favorite local shops, then grab a cup of cocoa, sit down at the computer and start shopping! Not only can you do all your shopping in your PJs but might be able to get it all done in one day. Here is a fantastic article about shopping local while sheltering in place.

Order carry out or delivery from your favorite restaurants. The pandemic has hit New York’s restaurants hard. Let’s show them support by ordering carry out and delivery as much as we can. This is also a great time to try out new restaurants you’ve been planning to visit and those that don’t normally deliver.

Hosting a small gathering this holiday season? Why not have it catered by a local restaurant?

Buy gift certificates. One day, in the very near future, we’re going to get back to a new normal. When that happens, we’ll be more than ready to visit our favorite businesses in person again. Purchasing gift cards is an investment in their future. It’s also cash for them now that you can redeem later, so it puts money in their pockets at a time when they need it the most.

Pay it forward. Have you heard about the massive pay it forward at the Dairy Queen drive-thru that made 900 people smile? Let’s keep it going! The next time you’re at a drive-thru or coffeeshop, make someone’s day and pay it forward. They’ll feel good — and you will, too.

Give to local charities. The coronavirus is still putting local nonprofits and charities to the task. This year, consider making a donation in someone’s honor for the holidays.  Check out Long Island Cares for ways you can donate to help feed those in need.

Or, make a homeless pet’s day by fostering during the holidays. If you’re interested, check out Animal Care Centers of NYC to foster a cat or dog or a shelter near you.

From all of us at All Island Garage Door, we wish you a safe and wonderful holiday and new year!

The beauty and versatility of carriage house garage style doors

It’s no surprise that so many of our customers choose carriage house style garage doors. They’re great-looking and can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. And since they’re made from materials that stand the test of time, they’ll stand up to any kind of weather – including Long Island winters and summers – for years to come.

You know carriage house garage doors when you see them. While they look like the carriage house doors of the past that were used for storing horse-drawn carriages, these have all the things you need from a modern garage door.

One of the greatest things about carriage house style garage doors is that they can be customized so that they’re perfect for your home. And many styles are very affordable, too. Below, we discuss some of Clopay’s most popular carriage house models.

The Coachman Collection

One of Clopay’s most popular styles, Coachman garage doors look like wood but are made of four layers of insulated steel. They’re very low maintenance and are easy to customize. In fact, you can choose from about 1,000 style combinations and four factory finish paint colors.

Coachman garage doors look great on a wide variety of homes. Not only are they an ideal choice for traditional style homes, but they can enhance the curb appeal of more modern homes as well.

The Canyon Ridge Collection, Limited Edition & Ultra Grain Series  

Both Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Limited and Ultra Grain series are stunners. Both feature swing-out style carriage house style doors and are quiet and energy-efficient. The Limited Series also offers four-layer construction while the Ultra Grain Series features a whopping five.

Both of these garage door styles also offer Intellicore® insulation, fourteen base designs and are factory finished in medium or dark finishes. You can even customize them further with a field stain.

The Grand Harbor Collection

These carriage house style doors are a great option for those on a budget. But just because they’re affordable it doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on quality or style.

Not only are Clopay’s Grand Harbor garage doors beautiful, but they’re also extremely quiet, durable, and low maintenance. You can choose from two or three layers of insulation, and from six different designs with optional windows and decorative hardware.

The Reserve Collection 

When it comes to one-of-a-kind beauty you can’t get much better than Clopay’s Reserve Collection. These authentic handcrafted carriage house garage doors are made from gorgeous natural wood. You can choose from six carriage house designs and from three different types of wood. They also feature different panel and window designs and can be painted or stained.

Want to learn more about carriage house style garage doors? Give the team at All Island a call. We can help you choose the perfect one for your home!