5 Ways To Add Plumbing To Your Garage

There are many reasons to add plumbing to your garage space. Not only can it make your garage truly multi-functional, it can also help with drainage, which is extremely important, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. Adding plumbing the garage could also increase your home’s value and even help create more living space for you and your family.

simple illustration of a car inside the garage

Not sure where to start? Here’s five ways to add plumbing to your garage to help you get started.

Add a utility sink. The large sinks that you typically find in basements, or the laundry room work great in garages, too. Consider installing one if you work on cars or have hobbies (particularly messy ones) that you do outside. They’re also perfect for washing tools and recreational equipment – and for washing the dog, too.

Install floor drains. One of the easiest ways to keep your garage from pooling with water and from flooding is with the addition of floor drains. These are relatively easy to install on your own and work well in garages with flat driveways that lack the slope to  divert water away from the garage.

Add a toilet and sink. If you’re in need of another bathroom, don’t forget that the garage is a great location option. Adding a half bath to the garage is a fantastic upgrade for homeowners who entertain outdoors on a regular basis. Garage half baths are also a great addition for garages that double as a workout space or artist studio.

Make the garage the laundry room. Installing a washer and dryer in the garage is an excellent way to create more space in the basement or repurpose the laundry room inside your home so it can be used as more living space. Since washers and dryers can be a bit noisy, it could just keep your home a little quieter, too.

Create a wet bar. If you’d like to add an area at your home dedicated to entertaining, look no further than your garage. With plumbing, you could add a sink and a refrigerator and some nice cabinetry or shelving to create your perfect wet bar. Like the half bath, this is another good option for homeowners who enjoy hosting parties outdoors.