Ask All Island: Why should I buy my garage door from a local company?

Great question! While it may be tempting to buy your garage door from a big box store, it’s usually not a good idea. Sure, you can complete your purchase with a click of a button, but we recommend saving your online splurges for things like dream vacations and holiday gifts. Purchase your garage door from a local garage door dealer instead.

Here’s our top five reasons why:

Exceptional customer service. At All Island Garage door, we are on a first name basis with our customers. From the first call to the installation to regular maintenance appointments, our team and technicians are dedicated to providing excellent care of your garage door from day one. You simply won’t get that from a big box store.

Emergency garage door service. You shouldn’t have to wait when you have a garage door emergency. That’s why we offer emergency service and repair for our customers. Big stores simply don’t have the capacity nor the knowledge to provide this to their customers. So, if you have a garage door emergency if you’ve bought your door from a national store, you’re apt to be out of luck.

Design know how. The team at All Island works with architects, builders and owners of homes of all kinds of styles. We can offer advice on what garage door styles will look great on your home because we have a deep understanding and appreciation of Long Island home design.

Excellent garage door selection. All Island Garage Door carries the full line of Clopay garage doors, but we can order any garage door, from any garage door maker. In fact, we once imported mahogany garage doors from Africa for a customer!

Commitment to our community. We care about our community, and that goes for our fellow local businesses, too. Investing in a garage door from All Island means investing in your neighbors. You’re helping keep jobs here on Long Island, and helping keep the local economy strong.

Ready for a new garage door? Give the team at All Island a call.