5 Ways to Keep Your Garage Dry

If rain in the forecast causes you to worry about your garage flooding, take a look at our tips below on how to keep your garage dry. Not only will following these tips help your important belongs stay safe and dry, they can help prevent moisture from getting into your cars, which can cause problems down the line.

Make sure your garage door fits properly. This is extremely important. Take a minute to look at your garage door. Notice a gap between the ground and the door? Or, any open space along the sides of the garage door? If so, it may be time for a replacement garage door or help from a garage door technician.

Weatherproof the garage door. This is an easy way to keep water out of your garage. Simply install weather-stripping, available at your local hardware store, around the bottom and sides of the garage door. Note: weather-stripping needs to be replaced regularly, so if you’ve added it in the past, make sure it’s still secure and isn’t showing any signs of wear.

Look for cracks. Do a scan of your garage and home (especially if your garage is connected) and look for signs of cracks in the foundation or walls. You’ll want to seal these cracks with waterproof paint or a concrete patch. Since cracks in the foundation can indicate a serious issue, you may want to get your home inspected as well.

Add drainage. Flooding around the house and garage often occurs when rainwater overloads your home’s gutters and downspouts. That’s why it’s important to, first, check the gutters on your home and on the garage (if your garage has them), and make sure they are clear of debris. You could also install drains in front of your garage to carry away excess water.

Use flood vents. Flood vents aren’t a bad idea for homes in Long Island, given their proximity to the ocean. Flood vents can help protect your garage in the event of a powerful storm. Essentially, they route water so that your home and garage can stay safe and dry.

Need more advice on how to keep your garage dry? Give the team at All Island a call. We’re here to help our neighbors across Long Island with all your garage door needs.

Our Top Five Places for Garage Door Inspiration  

October is the perfect time of the year to invest in a new garage door now that fall home improvement projects are underway, just in time for the busy holidays. As time flies by, it may be a good idea to start looking at garage door ideas that will inspire you to choose the right garage door for your budget and style.

To help you get started, the team at All Island Garage Door have put together a list of the top five places to look for garage door inspiration. Some you can do in the comfort of your own home!


We absolutely love Houzz for its huge collection of garage door photos, as well as photos and ideas about how to repurpose your garage into something unique and special. Houzz also features a great Advice and Stories section where you can read about home owners experiences with choosing a garage door and how they customized the door to suit the look of their home.

The Clopay Website

Not only can you view Clopay’s entire collection on their website but here you can also find an ideas book and a buyer’s guide. You can also compare doors on the site, so you can choose doors you’re interested in and then check them out side-by-side to see which one will work better for your home.


As you peruse the web for great garage door ideas, you’ll need a place to keep track of what you’ve found. Pinterest is our favorite way to organize garage door photos and inspirations. It’s easy to navigate, and as you build your Pinterest board for garage door ideas, you’ll get cued into what others put on their Pinterest boards, too, which will give you even more inspiration.

Your Neighborhood

That’s right. Inspiration can be found just outside your door. Take a look at the homes in your neighborhood that you love and check their garage doors and what you like about them. You’ll notice that some of the best-looking houses on the block are the ones with garage doors that work with the look of the home.

The All Island Facebook page 

Our technicians love snapping photos of their work that we share on our Facebook page. We update the page regularly with photos of garage doors we install all over Long Island so be sure to check it out regularly!