Garage Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Do you see your car as a way to get from one part of town to another, or as a source of fun and escape?

If enjoy zipping around through country roads, or if your idea of the perfect weekend is getting to spend time tinkering under the hood of a vintage automobile, you’re going to want a garage that’s perfect for a car enthusiast.  Below, we show you how to do it.

Choose a great looking garage door. First, let’s talk aesthetics. A car enthusiast’s garage should look inviting and inspiring, and that starts with the garage door. Of course, the right garage door can add functionality, too. If it’s insulated, for example, you’ll be able to save energy (and money), and you’ll be able to work comfortably in it all year round.

We like Clopay’s Avante collection for car lovers. These garage doors are made from glass and aluminum and are extremely durable and are sleek and modern in design – just like a great car.

And because you can choose how much light to let in, they’re an ideal option if you want to display your cars while keeping them safe.

Add a lounge area. If you enjoy spending all day in your garage, consider adding an area where you can take a load off and relax. Your lounge area could include a comfortable sofa and chairs, a mini-fridge or kitchenette, a sound system and even a wall-mounted television to watch races.

With a lounge area, you can have friends over to shoot the breeze with while you work under the hood, or you could simply use it to gather and watch races or drink a cold one. Trust us: those you live with who don’t know the difference between a gear box and a glove box will thank you.

A word about flooring. The typical cement garage floor is usually full of oil spots, dirt and grime – not to mention antifreeze and residue from the road. To create a great looking garage, you’re going to want to choose a flooring solution that’s easy to clean.

We suggest flooring made with an epoxy/polyaspartic coating. These floors are stain resistant and they come in a variety of colors. This flooring will also serve to protect your garage floor, so it will stay in great shape for years to come.

Garage storage. All garages need great storage, and it’s especially important if you love working on cars. We recommend investing in custom storage that’s durable, attractive and designed specifically for your garage. You could also find storage solutions at your local home improvement store and even at IKEA.     

Add a washing station. If you wash your cars at home on a regular basis, you can easily set up a washing station in your garage. This will allow you to wash your cars all year round. You’ll need a water source as well as proper drainage.

And a lift. Now we’re talking! Whether you’re doing a full restoration on a vintage automobile or prefer doing break jobs and oil changes on your cars yourself, consider investing in a professionally installed hydraulic lift.     

Make it secure. Everyone needs a safe and secure garage door, and especially those who have vintage or luxury cars. Make sure your garage door is secure by checking to see if it properly fits in the garage door frame and secures to the ground. If it doesn’t, contact a garage door professional who can either repair the garage door or replace it with one that fits.

You’ll also want to make sure your garage door locks properly and that your garage door opener is working optimally. In fact, LiftMaster garage doors with myQ connectivity are a great addition to your home, because they let you control your garage door from anywhere.

Ready for a garage fit for a car lover? Give the team at All Island a call. We can help make it happen!