The benefits of a smart garage door opener

Where would we be without our smart phones? Today our smart phone can do everything from remind us about an important meeting, track our fitness goals, and even monitor our sleep. With so many capabilities at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that now we can even control our garage doors right from our smart phones, too.

When you invest LiftMaster MyQ,  wi-fi enable garage door opener, a world of new benefits open up. You can monitor your home from your smart phone device, close the garage door when you’re away, and open the garage door for that Amazon Prime delivery you’ve been waiting for. Forget your remote? No worries. Your wi-fi remote has you covered.

Take a look at some of the fantastic things you can do with your wi-fi garage door remote:

Monitor your home while you’re away. Wi-fi garage door remotes add a layer of security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home from thieves. By setting up your phone to receive push notifications, you’ll be alerted when the garage door opens. You can also turn on and off your garage door’s lights even when you’re away.

Close the garage door…from anywhere in the world. Have you ever left home for a road trip, only to wonder, 200 miles later, if you remembered to close the garage door? With a wi-fi controlled garage door opener, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can close the door from anywhere in the world.

And open it from anywhere, too. If you are expecting a deliver but can’t be there to meet the delivery driver, you can arrange for them to place the package in the garage by opening it when they arrive, and then securely close the door when they’re finished. In fact, with MyQ you can download the Key by Amazon app and synch it to your MyQ account to ensure your Prime packages are safe and secure.

Never worry about forgetting your keys again. If you forget the key to open your garage door – or misplace your remote, you can relax, because you can easily open and close the door from your phone. Just don’t forget that!

So welcome to the age of technology! Contact our team to learn more about LiftMaster’s MyQ garage door opener.